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It’s Nice to Finally Meet You My Little Champ

Although we are currently in an unfortunate situation due to the COVID 19, luckily I still have something to celebrate in the month of March.

After such a long time waiting, I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. As cheesy as it sounds the process was not easy but definitely worth it.

The day he was born was a bittersweet moment for me. One side I was beyond grateful for being a mother but on the other side, I’m also feeling sad that I need to face the delivery by myself without my husband beside me. Because of the corona virus, we decided to cancel his trip to visit me in Indonesia. So he only able to support me via a video call.

But regardless of all the difficulties, in the end, it’s about to embrace the good things that happened. Once again I want to say it’s nice to finally meet you my little champ.

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