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The headline might make no sense at first glance but on closer inspection, it’s just plain logical. How many individuals do you know of who simply took the initiative and just became what and whomever they wanted to be, age, physical condition, notwithstanding, ie? Stephen Hawking.

 A successful MIT-trained engineer, Brent Michael Phillips who experienced a devastating physical challenge when, after years on total disability due to his illness, his arm became completely immobile and frozen from the elbow down, after an operation and an incredibly long battle of flawed treatments, Brent found the miracle of energy healing, not through a church, but within himself, (Your body is a living temple of God). 

When his arm was miraculously and instantly healed. Knowing his life path was beneficially changed, he then spent the next few years studying with numerous spiritual teachers and master healers to discover and reverse-engineer the laws and principles of the science underlying his miraculous instant healing, monetary abundance, love relationships, mindset success, and even total enlightenment.

He is offering a healing, training program for free starting with a free webinar.

Here, for anyone who would like to discover the world of positivity and healing is a free eBook. 


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    • Me too Carol, me too. Quite apart from the other stuff you already know about me, I think I might be the only person diagnosed with final stage “emphysema”, (lung cancer) both lungs and on morphine, when a retired cop says a prayer for me. I asked him if he wanted to see the X-rays of my pitch-black lungs and he said, no, throw or put them away, the one I work for doesn’t care about them. Do you believe God can heal you? and I said, yes I believe it. and he said, Amen, you are healed. He said I should go and get a new set of Xrays from another specialist just to confirm what he already knew. I did so, 3 days afterward and my lungs have since been completely clear for 30 years. You want to tell people about it but they just don’t want to hear about it, I don’t know why, but it’s almost as though they would rather not know and remain stupid for some reason. I have seen many supernatural things, but it’s the same thing, folks would rather not know about the really important stuff.

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