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Paul, Mobley, is a C.E.O. of a successful marketing Californian company, Ephesoft Inc & Infinite ROI Inc and has an MBA from Biola University recently said in response to a question asked about the origin of his phenomenal business expertise, that one of the secrets of top performers is that they only spend about 20% of their time performing. The rest is spent either prepping or in recovery. Some people might perceive periods used to recover as being lazy. He disagrees, “we’re playing a life-long game here and sometimes the things we play at are the things we need to get energy and passion. Who cares if someone thinks that is lazy. They must be playing a different game.”

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  1. i read a study maybe 10-12 years ago that advocated the concept of naps during the day. i agree that performance at a peak level cannot be maintained.

    the argument I always use is that Olympic sprinters, the most highly trained sprinters on earth, take breaks between races!

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