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Is There An Entrance Exam To Get Into Hell?

The above question was asked by some prominent academics in a “religious” discussion this morning, seriously folks, it sounded like the blind leading the blinder who is lead by the blindest! 

Ever since I became a nontraditional god devotee and have met the Omni-present Supernatural Force, (living inside all creatures) the “Eau” (Holy Spirit) I especially hate questions about a certain region down below somewhere, called hell and hate to think that most people are still living in fear of eternal punishment and damnation in a very hot place. No entrance exam in hell because there is no hell. Goodness is its own reward; evil is its own punishment.

Just one question—why would one ask if there would be an entrance exam into hell? I could see perhaps why one would ask if there were an entrance exam for heaven! Or maybe the questioner in the talk-show audience just wanted to see what academics would say and have some laughs afterward, and I get that.

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  1. Yes, I do. And to my surprise a little bit similar (to be safe from appalled comments from my religious counterparts) to you. I’m looking at this in Hebraic lens because the entire Scripture is a meticulously written record by Hebrews, anyway, as far as I understand it (with tongue in cheek).

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