What Is Reality?

Some things just work, others need to change constantly. One thing that can stay the same for me, is this scenario, it’s 80 degrees and not a breath in the air. In my hand is a freshly picked yellow lemon which I have been gently rolling and squeezing in my hand for the past 10 minutes. 

There is a glass with ice-cubes slowly melting away…

 From my pocket, I produce my razor-sharp Opinel number 8 folding knife and flip it open. The carbon-steel blade slices smoothly through the rough peel, cutting the fruit into two precise hemispheres, instantly releasing that unmistakable, heady, tangy scent. 

Just two gentle squeezes are all it takes and that promising yellow juice splashes fourth, liberated from its secret hiding place, where it was waiting for this precise moment in time, to splash onto the waiting ice-cubes…

Oh, man!! If you are normal, you must have salivated just then.

Your conscious mind knows there is no lemon or glass of ice-cubes in front of you but your subconscious mind which actually controls most of your reality, actually believes there is a lemon. So, it got me thinking, what is reality? There just are far too many co-incidental things happening around me. These synchronous incidents are happening just once too often to ignore.

So, I started recording coincidences, which is an ancient Latin word from the 1640s describing a situation, as to literally “occur or co-exist at the same time.” Meaning, a concurrence of events with no apparent connection. 

I started to keep a synchronicity journal in which I have started writing down these sudden Aha! thoughts – time and date. And then if it was confirmed either visually or audibly I jotted down, time and date and what I saw or heard. At first, there were only a few incidences and seemed almost insignificant then as I continued writing them down I started getting more of them… 

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