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We were in the car and he said we needed to go to Home Depot.  


Maybe he is really going to fix the furnace. So I go into the parking lot and park and he says “What are you doing?”



Because you said you wanted to go to Home Depot.

I didn’t say that I wanted to go in. I just wanted to know if they were busy.


Take me to Walmart?


What do you mean why?

I am not just going to look and see if stores are busy. It’s $1,000.00 fine for riding around. 

I need to get stuff.

So he spent $234.72 on I don’t know what. Then he said he was going to call in our McDonald’s order for lunch. 

We got home and he had ordered lunch for them, but I didn’t need anything did I?

  • Can I just finish up with drying everything, putting the bed backtogether and then just go to bed?

    • Yes
    • No


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