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Crazy Car Challenge: Driving Test

I went to two driving schools. The instructor of the second school told me that changing gears depends on the noise of the engine. I have never differentiated the different sounds of engine. Can someone help me here know how to differentiate sound engines and when to know to change gears?

The time arrived for driving test. Together with the instructor, we went to the testing centre at the traffic police center. There are three tests: reading signs, driving a model car on the driving model board as instructed by the assessor and the real driving.

I’m good at memorizing. Reading the signs on the wall that were picked at random wasn’t difficult. Even driving wasn’t that difficult because every student was given less than three minutes to drive. The good thing is that I drove in an area where there were no vehicles and it was an uphill. 

The difficulty to me was driving a model car from a highway and parking it at a parking lot. Failing in this one meant I would fail going to the last level of driving.

I watched anxiously as students messed driving the model cars with the instructor requesting them to move again the model cars from one point to another.

Luck was on me when an officer approached the assessor and they started talking. I picked up the model car from the point it was on a highway and put it in the parking lot. I didn’t drive it through.

When they finished talking, he turned towards me. He looked where I had parked the car. I prayed silently he shouldn’t ask me to repeat again. I breathed a sigh of relief when he didn’t ask to repeat. He called another student.

Before going to real driving, the officer told us we shouldn’t feat police. With the brutality that is known about police, how many of us would calm at hearing that. He said their job is to maintain law and order thus we shouldn’t be anxious sharing the same driver compartment with him during the test.

He told of a real event whereby it was time to go back to the traffic center. As usual, when leaving the center, it is the instructor who drives the vehicle to the recommended location. From that location, it’s the students who drive till the time of returning to the centre.

He during that occassion, all the students during that day had driven and it remained one female student to drive it back to the traffic centre. The student has driven the truck well only to hit through the centre’s main gate because of the inbuilt fear against the police.

I did the driving test ten years ago. I had forgotten to take my papers to the centre within a month which means I have to do driving test once again. I don’t know how to drive. I forgotten how to drive.

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Written by Benny


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  1. Thanks for sharing a fun story. In our country, we have a different way of getting a driver’s license. First of all, we have to do the first aid test and the road rules. Then we have about 40 hours of practical driving and then we have an exam ride.

    • I have read in US there is always traffic jam most of the day. Including the sounds…I can understand how it feels. It appears I don’t like driving even though I like cars. I will try one day.

  2. Doc explained well about the noise of the engine. I laughed when I read that you forgot to bring your documents to the center within one month. This means that you did not have much desire to drive. And how you forgot how to get a car. This is not forgotten.

  3. Driving is a huge thing in the US. But i have to say your story made me laugh!

    The sound of the engine before shifting? Listen to the sound of engines in a motor race (Formula 1 is perfect).
    the cars whine and you hear the moment the shift, the sound of the engine is then understood.


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