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Crazy Car: My Driving Lesson Experience

After completing high school, I came to learn what is called lorry in Britain is called truck in America. The same case with trouser. In America it’s called pants. Anyway, that’s the confusion we non-native English speakers find ourselves in. Thus, we have to learn the differences in both worlds.

Okay. In response to Kim’s challenge on cars, I have never owned a car. Let alone owning a car, I have never driven car past leaving the driving school.

When I joined driving school several years after school, my first driving lesson in the school was a personal car. I chose BCE course which included personal and somehow heavy vehicles (not trailers).

I remember we were in a junction (with my instructor). I was told to look left. If there was no car approaching from that side, I should enter the main road. Now, a car was approaching but it was not far away. The instructor told me to hit the fuel pedal (I think that’s what is called. I can’t imagine I’m forgetting English I grew with from preschool ).

Guess what? I hit the full pedal. If it wasn’t for the instructor who had hit the brake pedal, we would have hit that car. So, the instructor became furious. I thought of giving him a piece of my mind but thought it wouldn’t help. Inside I was very angry. I was telling myself, “Why are you shooting at me when you told me to hit the fuel pad when it’s obvious I am still a rookie who needs to make sure there is no car in sight. Again, you should have told me to step lightly on the fuel pedal (correct me again if I made grammatical mistakes). 

I never enjoyed driving that day.

Well, tomorrow I will explain my experience with a Bedford lorry…uhmm…truck

I also came to learn what I know as petrol station is known as a gas station in America. Can’t it be called petrol-gas station since they offer bother services? Here in Tanzania, my students call it Shell station because Shell company is famous in the country.

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  1. Interesting story. My neighbour a lady pressed the accelerator instead of the brake and you know of the consequences. Not only did she stop learning she does not even sit next to the driver (lol)


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