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Islam is the last and final hope for humanity – Hungarian historian Gábor Vona

Hungarian Non-Muslim politicians and President of Jobbik Party have acknowledged the universality of Islam, saying that Islam is the last hope for humanity to spread the light in the darkness of the world. Gábor Vona president of the Hungarian political party  Jobbik Movement, said this while talking to Turkey.

In his talks while visiting various universities, he said that his party had nothing to do with Islamo Phobic or right-wing European parties. The president of the Jobbik Movement said that in Islamic society, immersed in the love of family, respect for tradition and strong feelings of patriotism, is a perfect example for Hungary.

President Vona added that he was deeply impressed by Islam. his personal life is influenced by Islam and Muslims because he has been meeting his Muslim friends and colleagues, More surprisingly, there was a Palestinian witness at their wedding.

Point to be noted that during the recent Hungarian parliamentary elections, the political party Jobbik Movement won 47 seats in the National Assembly and received 16.67 percent of the total votes.

Vona added , It is a fact that the Sunnah and the character of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH and respect for the life of the Companions are the highest model of humanity’s protection of their rights and humanity. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to say to the people: “If I have wronged someone, they should take revenge of it. 

Vona further added Islam is at the core of peace, respect for humanity and the protection of its rights. Therefore, linking Islam with terrorism is an irrational and unfair act and the universal truth of a universal religion and its followers should not be destroyed.

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