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Is it true that we ourselves are the creators of our destiny?

May a half a century ago, it was believed that the brain is a very clumsy thing and not prone to change. Echoes of these beliefs are found now when you hear that “nerve cells are not restored.” The idea that the brain is something like a computer hard drive, a stable and change-resistant system, today has become only part of the story.

The brain is changeable. This is possible due to the function of neuroplasticity. Nerve cells are restored – however, in adults, this occurs only in two structures, the hippocampus (responsible for memory) and the olfactory’s part.

But the most interesting thing is that nerve cells are able to create an endless and unique for each person kaleidoscope of connections between each other. So, we can learn new skills, form habits, learn – and all this happens until old age.

How can neuroplasticity information be used for our own benefit? Do everything to show the positive aspects of neuroplasticity. Learn languages, learn new skills, read fiction, listen to different types of music, play sports, travel. The brain loves different impressions, different sensory stimuli. Do not forget about the basics of a healthy lifestyle: a good sleep, a balanced diet, stress reduction. Every small step, every page read helps the brain strengthen its position, push back aging and cognitive impairment.

We form our own personality. What is written in the genes is far from always realized with one hundred percent probability? The environmental impact is much more important. Neuroplasticity is an amazing and wonderful tool. Master it in order to build your unique history of changes, achievements, and transformations that will be recorded in your brain.

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