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A unique journey of life

If we cannot choose for ourselves how many moments we are destined for, then let us be the bold hosts of our lives to decide and choose exactly what the moments it will be. Therefore, we should love ourselves more. People lack that. This is not a selfish wish. Just, I think it’s important to understand that it all starts with ourselves, and it all ends with us. It is up to us alone how we live, how we look at life, how we cherish it and what we give to ourselves. 

Sometimes things seem so complicated in this life, but it’s really hard to believe that everything is so incredibly simple – after all, everything depends only on our own approach to everything and always.

Never expect anything from others and from life, because there are simply no such guarantees in it. And desires do not always correspond to real possibilities. Just live every day, “here and now,” evaluate every moment: an event occurred, a person met, a situation experienced.

Stay tolerant, do not criticize other people or their lives – look more at your own. No man or his destiny can even be compared to someone because it is just too individual. We are all kind of different, sometimes similar, but certainly not identical. 

We each have our own personal life lessons, tasks, interests, values. Therefore, I return to the idea that it is important to focus on ourselves, on our wisdom, development, improvement, growth, so that we can live that unique journey of life as qualitatively and meaningfully as possible.

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