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Insight ~ 365 Photos Challenge #326 – 328

There are many phrases, verses, terms, sayings, etc. the former seemed to stand alone but it turned out to have strong connections with each other. Some of them are like; Life is a choice, fulfilling His word, There is no coincidence, School of the Universe, Map of life, Vision of birth, karma, life is learning, let go of, etc.

I don’t know who first said it, as a term or understanding, how deep it means, to what extent it is, but realizing that connection, feels strong as an extraordinary insight.

Everyone can accept the view that life is a choice, but who believes that the statement about that choice has been applied to all of us before we were born? Who believes that we have chosen our parents, with all their weaknesses and strengths, with all their failures and successes, even our children, siblings and friends, all meetings, etc. as a school, a university?

Who can believe that it is our soul that plans all the biggest challenges in our lives, our work, etc. before we were born? And therefore all that has and will happen, has been written on a map of life, so, there is no coincidence, and in the end if we, with our blindness because we forget all that, thanks to our ego, right after we are born, if we can learn, both from nature and fellow human beings, especially to let go of that ego, and complete all those missions so we will fulfill the birth vision.

Who can believe that our life this time, also other times is fulfilling His word alone?

Who believes that the purpose of all that is to pay or balance karma, to heal, to serve, and especially, know ourselves as Absolute Love?

And believe that all is just a reflection of the sun moving from east to west?

  • Have you ever heard of such a view?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever reflect on such a thing?

    • Yes
    • No
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    • I agree with you, that past is the past, and that we must live for the now, not what passes and not later as well. But (something inside) I have never been silent to ask questions and ask me to understand the reason for my being here and what I must fulfill to solve it.

      Thank you for your thoughts, Mavic.

  1. Your philosophical poll made me think about a lot of things. It seems to me that the quote “Life’s a journey, not a destination
    And I just can’t tell just what tomorrow brings” from Aerosmith song “Amazing” can be seen as a kind of answer to these questions.

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