If you get the 502 error what to do (work around) and an upcoming fun post!

Good morning! Over the last couple of days, I have been experiencing a fun bug. Not that glitches are truly ever entertaining. But this one is interesting. When you hit submit on a post, the site begins the processing of the job. Then you get hit with a 502 error. The screen turns black; in the middle of it, there are white numbers that say 502. That is sometimes called a lousy gateway or submission failure error. The first time (yesterday), I got that I hit refresh on the browser and ended up with a double post (one with pictures and one without). Today, I didn’t hit refresh and used on my experience; you can also learn a quick lesson. If you get a 502 error, then please just don’t refresh!

On a happy note, I’ve noticed a bunch of different ways people are trying to help other authors! There have been lots of new, fun, and exciting posts focused on the works of others. I think that is a great idea. Now, that said, it is a personal choice and if you don’t like those kinds of posts don’t read them! There is nothing wrong with skipping posts because you don’t like the topic area. I have been enjoying all the creativity and exciting ways to help promote other authors! I wish I had a way to track the impact of these posts. I would be curious to see what they did for the other author if anyone wants to figure out a way to track that I would love to hear about it!

I spent a lot of time going through the author’s older posts, as I do on Wednesdays. I start with the author’s first post (leave them a comment) and then read the next 9 or 10 posts. You can find out a lot about an author reading their old jobs and then their new positions. People change over time, and you see to see the evolution of their thinking! I am going to share some funny things to watch in a post later today. The videos are just goofy and fun Youtube videos that are free and fun to watch. The goal of the job is simply to entertain, and of course, if you don’t like computer video, feel free to skip that post. I am genuinely just trying to cheer up the world around me a little bit right now!

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    have you gotten the 502 error?

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    Have you noticed 20 virils or more deducted every day?

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    Do you bathe your dog more than once a month?


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  1. Thanks, Doc, I accidentally figured that one out for myself, after happening to me just too frequently.
    Besides that problem, we have had our 2 Sealink, communications cables corroded through in May 2019 by the general non-existent, African style, maintenance plan, off Portugal and Isla de Canarias, (Canary Island) ie. not replacing (“Zinc-anodes), the only defense mechanism against sodium chloride- (seawater) which have not been replaced since we “European colonials” last handed over the country 25 years ago to its new custodians, Nelson Mandela’s ANC government.


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