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If We Are A Cloud ~ Sky Sunday

Today the sky was filled with overcast and rain so I could not photograph it, and for Sky Sunday this time, I shared the cloudy blue sky last week I saw from Kalibata.

Many times, when I seeing the clouds and pondering them, it’s like seeing ourselves. As clouds are a journey of water that evaporates into the sky by the light and heat of the sun, we evaporate because the wind flies we up, to a more empty place. At certain heights, we become white clouds which are tossed around by the movement of air flowing from high-pressure places to low pressure places. Most who want to go back down to unite with the life of the earth will make themselves darker colored, which when meeting each other, positive and negative, we create flashes of lightning and the sound of terrible thunder like fire and the cry of hell. From us also created a storm that often leaves destruction in the world.

Those of us who have managed to rise to a much higher level will begin to move slowly. Even when it starts approaching the height of the peak, we, the cloud, will look like a silent sky painting without movement, the Souls in a stable personality like the Sirrus cloud that is more silent and thoughtful. A small percentage who succeeded in rising further closer to the void and silence of the sky, their form began to disappear and then filled the emptiness of the sky, vanished into nothing, united with emptiness, united with the silence of space.

We can remain as white clouds that continue to move closer to the peak of light and His emptiness to merge with Him to fill the void and silence at the top of the sky of consciousness, but if we finally have to become dark clouds who want to come back to earth, we can at least choose to create drizzling coolness and presenting talks about the beauty of the rainbow of life for the inhabitants of the earth.

If we understand the journey of the Soul like the journey of the cloud, then we can start by being a cool and easy person flowing in life like water. Then allowing the bright light of sky consciousness to lighten us from the burden of attachment to the earth. Fly freely, light like air without attachment. Color ourselves with softness and purity of heart like white clouds.

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    Do you feel yourself like water that is easy to adjust?

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    Or like any unbound air?

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    Do you believe that bliss and peace are our essences?

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  1. Users voted 9 times.
    Q: Do you feel yourself like water that is easy to adjust?

    Yes (7 votes) – 70%
    No (3 votes) – 30%

    Q: Or like any unbound air?

    Yes (2 votes) – 22%
    No (7 votes) – 78%

    Q: Do you believe that bliss and peace are our essences?

    Yes (8 votes) – 80%
    No (2 votes) – 20%

  2. I spoke of the ripples created on the pond a couple of days ago. You’ve gone one step beyond that, seeking the meaning in between the ripples.

    Each of us as a cloud, filling the sky. Do we bring rain? Do we bring shade? or is our purpose more?

  3. I have learned so much from reading your posts. Thank you! I do sometimes feel weightless like a cloud, rising above at times. Other times not so much. But it is a balance like other aspects of life perhaps.

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