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If I had been…

If I had been on time, I would never have been late. If I had been smart enough, I would not have been wrong. And if I had been able to accept, perhaps, I would never have rejected.

We can connect a lot of things, we can find connections at every turn, and yet we can’t find a single reason to explain why it happens the way it does. But there is no need to explain. Because everything just happens. Life happens independently – whether we like it or not.

If I hadn’t been late, I wouldn’t be where I am today. If I hadn’t made a mistake, I wouldn’t have known the other side of me that inspires me to move on. If I had not rejected, I would have remained happy in illusory stability. If I hadn’t let it go, I would still be racing deep in my heart. Because chasing yourself without realizing it is a rather complicated process.

It is always worth listening to the heart. Everything else will happen by itself. And if something has to happen for you to realize it, it will happen.

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  1. This is in line with the view or belief that there is nothing coincidental in this world. On the other hand, the same person can say that living life like that makes free will always hit the wall. A person’s perspective or perception determines his attitude towards life, and it depends on where his life anchor is placed, mental, emotional, or spiritual dimensions. I? I agree with you, my “mistakes and goodness” in the past are the maps that direct my life to this point.

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