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If cat finished, will human mortality increase ?

Imagine, what if all the cats from the earth finished at once? Will this make a difference on human life? May be your answer is in NO. It may be thought, That cats disappearance will have no significant impact on the world and the journey and business of life will still continue, Business will continue to live, but wait, that’s not true.

The ending of cats from the ground can have very deadly effects and this can result in a large number of human deaths ending of this animals life may also pose a threat to famine.

Every life on the planet Earth is somehow connected to another life and Humans, birds, plants, all are chained into one series and in this series, any kind of exclusion from this race, it cannot be said that life will end, but it will have profound effects.

In the urban populations of human beings, which facilitates animal space and the cats are on the top of the list. They usually sleep about twelve to sixteen hours, the rest of the time they spent in the hunt.

It is surprising that cats are able to catch their prey in 32% of the cases. This number is higher than the lion’s success rate. The real prey of the cats are mice. Cats eliminates hundreds of millions of mice every year and they are the leading cause of rat killings.

If there are no cats, then the breeding of mice increases so rapidly that it can be difficult to escape them in a few years and it spread all over the earth.

Mice have many germs in their body, which are extremely harmful to human health. It can cause an outbreak like plague. Therefore, it is important to keep their numbers in a range and cats play an important role in this regard. Mice can also spoil nutrients, If cats are not breeded on agricultural farms, the rats destroy the warehouses.

Given the aforementioned factors, it can be said that if the cats disappeared from our planet. So soon human mortality will increase, one of the causes is illness and the other is famine.

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  1. In the case of New Zealand, no other mammal but the birds or fish or insects should have ever arrived.
    Because of cats, dogs, mice, rats, ferrets, opossums, deer,pigs rabbits, and other imported animals, several native bird species are now extinct.

    Cats where they should be are fine, Not where it is not their habitat

    When I say this it is not because I dislike cats, I love cats but unfortunately they kill, like all the other introduced species

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