The Window

I am so blessed to have windows. They are every where in my home. Occasionally I get tired of cleaning them and start to complain. The my brother who is patient when it comes to many things, not so much with me, says “Tell me all the things you’ve seen from that window.”

It’s true that most of the have been animals. This one comes often, but usually at night. It is almost like he doesn’t want the neighbors to see him.  He’s come so many years the dogs stop barking when they see who it is. He’s friend.

I have watched the grandkids from that window. I have seen Grandpa put the in a box, tie the box to the back of the driving lawnmower and pull them around the yard. (I have even spoken to the police about that.)

So I guess it’s better to keep the window clean with a happy heart.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


      • Actually I was lucky once. A spring about 20 years, my dog wanted to go out in the backyard but before I let her out I happened to look outside the window facing the backyard. Well, lo and behold behind the fence of the yard, I saw a black bear walking along. Of course, the dog stayed inside as I had heard that the bears and others big animals were coming down from the North to find food as it had been a very hard, long and cold winter.