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How to Preserve Health-Heart

Robin Biznis August 13.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

If you have a heart attack then you have your doctor’s instructions on how and how to live further.That’s why I’m writing about prevention here.How to act to prevent this from happening.The basic thing is to be moderate in everything especially in eating and drinking.I’m talking to you from my experience.It is good to leave tobacco and alcohol on special occasions, one strong 0.5 dcl drink. Do not use Coca-Cola and other carbonated drinks,It is best not to use it, it already exists in every industrial food purchased.And of course physical activity. Swimming, cycling, walking in the woods or by the river.Away from the car.Knowing that a natural way to treat it is a prevention that reduces the chance of a heart attack by up to 60%Here’s what we can use from natural plants for prevention.- Black tea is enough for 2 cups of this drink daily for optimal protection of the heart and bloodstream.- Hawthorn fruit and hawthorn tea or its pharmacy-bought tincture.- Fish rich in Omega 3 acids.- Citrus fruit.-Garlic-Hot peppers- Baked apple-AlmondAnd of course many more nature foods, medicinal teas that you can buy at well-supplied pharmacies.Of the supplements I would recommend Q enzyme 10.Its most famous effect is the protective effect on blood vessels, so it has a preventive effect on the occurrence of myocardial infarction.source photo: Image by silviarita from Pixabay

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  1. Hello, Robin. I have to remember to stay relaxed when watching Crvena Zvezda. They actually showed the tie against Young Boys in the USA on TV. That match was a rollercoaster. Next week’s game will be fun as well.

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