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How right is this?

10,000 camels are at risk of being shot in Australia as they desperately search for water  Adding fuel to fire is a situaiton that exists in Australia  Along with wild fires come draught where animals are desparately running helter skelter for water.  We have seen how a koala was clinging to a cyclist trying to get some water. 

Is this a solution shooting camels because they are water guzzlers?  Bad enough animals dying because of wild fire and now human beings are getting rid of them.

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  1. I don’t believe that is necessarily true. I don’t know who much potable water is there. Is it possible that they must choose between stopping fires or allowing animals to drink? If they use seawater to fight the fires that kill and land and vegetation. Is there enough water for humans, animals, and fighting fires? It is certainly not a cut and dried issue.

    Muslims are allowed to eat camel meat, similar to cattle ranching.

    It is not a simple yes or no topic.

  2. I would like to have a “don’t know” option here, because I don’t know all the facts. It may be a humanitarian gesture to save these animals from a slow death by starvation or dehydration.


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