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How do I "cleaning up"or edit my drafts on Virily if I don't find "edit" button?

A post I saw today made me write this post.

Probably some of you found yourself in the situation of not being able to edit or delete  your drafts because there is no edit button. Such a draft looks like in the picture above.

I must say that the lack of the edit button is not a system error. The lack of the edit button in the Poll category (maybe in the other cases too,  but I haven’t experienced them before) appears when I started a poll, I uploaded the cover image, but for one or another reason I didn’t finish this poll, I didn’t save it and I closed the page. 

At one point I had many such drafts without edit button and I was trying to find a solution.

Here’s how I do “cleaning up” my drafts!

Step 1 – go to your draft and  click on “Take the poll”.  

You will most likely receive the message: ”Ooops, sorry! We couldn’t find it. Go to homepage” .

Step 2 – Click on ” go to homepage”

Step 3 – Click “Create”

Step 4 – click “Poll”…. After this step, you will reach a page similar to the one in the photo below and you can  edit your poll! That is all! Good luck!

Hope it helps! Have a nice day!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. I just ran into that and when we did find the edit we could not get into it so i just rewrote the posts again. I found that to be the only way to make sure they were posted or counted as posts and not stuck in drafts. I could not find out how to do it for the life of me either but someone showed me and it still could not be done. The edit when we found it would go away fast and could not find a delete one.


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