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How can I make my cellphone battery last longer?

Five things burn the battery of your phone. One of them is having the location service on. Now, in the case of older people, location services can be critical.  Location services have to be on because they are tied to your GPS. GPS use, maps, and other GPS functions also chew up a lot of battery. Those two are what we often battery hogs. I will list them all, so you know what is decreasing the performance of your phone below.

  1. Location service
  2. GPS (maps)
  3. Moving between cellular towers (driving)
  4. Having wifi on with no wifi network connected
  5. Bluetooth on with no Bluetooth devices connected.

The first two are pretty straight forward. They use the GPS chip in the phone and connect to external GPS signals. Those signals come from a series of Sataillets that orbit the earth. The strength of the message can impact your phone’s battery by forcing the GPS chip to retry the connection often. You can, if you aren’t using the GPS, just turn off location services!

When you are driving, you pass between cellular towers. This will drain your battery as signal strength forces retries. The easy button for this is plug your phone in when traveling a long distance!

Wifi or Wireless non-cellular connections are simply if you aren’t at home or a place with wifi turn the service off!

The last one is Bluetooth. Most people forget this one and leave it on all the time. You need it if you have a carphone system; you need it if you are connected to earbuds or earphones. Other than those situations, you can always turn Bluetooth off.

I will be honest. I know all of these suggestions, and I find myself often forget 4 and 5. I do leave location services on, most of the time, but that is more using my GPS in downtown DC. I know several ways to get to the main office of my customer, But some of the smaller locations and other offices require me to have my GPS on. So it is usually on.

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    Do you check what you have running on your smartphone?

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    Did you know that signals decay the further you are away from the source?

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