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Horror movies

My husband just asked if I want to watch a horror movie and gave a couple of titles. After such a great day with our children decorating our home to watch a horror movie? I started laughing and said, no, better we would choose any Christmas movie.I once said that I would start watching horror movies when I will no longer be alone. Long-time I am not alone, and we have watched some really great horror movies together, but I still fear to go to the toilet after watching horror at night.

And the fantasy is getting so stormed that thanks to the movies, I even imagine a dangerous lurking ghost moving or a black object of uncertain origin behind each tree even when riding a bicycle in the quiet pine forest leading to the seashore.

Ted Bundy, a soulless charismatic American serial killer, said in his pre-death interview that his determination to turn perverse fantasies into action was inspired by sadistic porn movies. And even a man without any fantasy can come up with ideas from the movies.

On the other hand, if I had never seen any of the bloody scenes of violence on TV, I’d probably be curiously and naively wandering the night streets of the megapolis backstreets until finally, any freak psych would slaughter. So horror movies give fear and ideas to the masses, and courage to the bad guys?

The Chinese have a saying about the centipede (which bites very painfully) – “If you talk about centipede you will meet centipede”. it’s from the series that thoughts materialize…

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  1. I love mysteries and thrillers more than actual horror but I like to watch classic horror movies and those that are not all just slashing and blood. I remember when the bloody kind of movies became popular I thought I would watch just one for curiosity so I did. It was about a disgruntled teenager that attack his friends and they have not idea it is him. They all go on an outing and they all get scared by the surroundings. The killer is the first to go check out the woods and he never returns. So then the next guy goes and never comes back but we see him getting slashed. Then they start to go in pairs and after the third run, you see an old barn and the bodies lined up on hooks. It was by the fourth run of a pair of teens that went to take a look that I started laughing. I mean it was getting so ridiculous and since then no slasher movies for me.

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