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Get to Know DOUG JONES as Hollywood's Man of Disguise (Part 1 of 2)

Doug Jones was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on May 24, 1960. He is the youngest of four brothers. He graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications, with a minor in Theatre, way back in 1982 after he graduated at Ball State University. 

He learned at school how to perform mimes by joining in a troupe and doing some whole white-face thing. He even worked as a contortionist. He has acted in 25 different films and many TV series where he garnered 2 Emmy nominations in an episode entitled “Hush” from a 1996 award-winning TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. He even acted over in 90 commercials and even appeared in some music videos of Madonna and Marilyn Manson.

He is married and lives in California with his wife. Recently he has 8 wins and 7 nominations from the characters he played. 

You may never know him that much before but after reading this blog, you will really be surprised of the characters he played also with among of the famous films he cast. He is considered as Hollywood’s Man of Disguise. Mark his name coz you might meet him someday at some of the upcoming new films to become certified blockbusters.

This man is but of from humble beginnings and becomes now one of the most recognised actors in the Hollywood who played roles for science fiction, horror genres, fantasy, and even some comic book characters. He is often wearing heavy makeup to play non-human characters too.

I don’t wanna spoil you for the characters he played,  but I’m gonna surprise you through the following pictures that I’m gonna feature him on every movies he cast. He joined mostly as regular characters in some of his films, but I’m only going to feature some of his notable films where he cast as fictional characters.

So are you ready to know what characters did he play? Just scroll down and get to learn some fun facts too as I divided this feature blog into two parts, since his movies are too many to count when it comes to the fictional characters he played.

Enjoy reading and prepare to be flabbergasted!




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#1 Mac Tonight Guy of McDonaldland (1963 TV series)

Mac Tonight Guy is one of the first fantasy-made characters he played way back in 1980s when he cast his role in a TV series McDonaldland, that started in 1963.

His character is known for his crescent moon head with sunglasses and plays piano and believe it or not, this was Doug Jones' first Hollywood job.

#2 Thin Clown of Batman Returns (1992)

He played a minor role as the thin clown in a 1992 film from DC" Batman Returns" where Michael Keaton played Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, and Danny DeVito as the Penguin.

#3 Billy the Zombie of Hocus Pocus (1993)

He played as the zombie named Billy Butcherson in a 1993 American comedy horror fantasy film "Hocus Pocus" where he worked with Sarah Jessica Parker and American actress and singer Bette Midler who is noted for her songs like "From A Distance" and "Wind Beneath My Wings".

#4 Ripper of Tank Girl (1995)

Ripper as a minor role is one of Doug Jones' character in a  1995 American science fiction action comedy film "Tank Girl" that is based on the British post-apocalyptic comic series of the same name by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett.

A ripper in this film is a genetically modified super-soldier.

#5 Long John of Mimic (1997)

He played as one of the Long Johns (evolved winged insect monsters with resemblance to a flea or a cockroach) in a 1997 American science fiction horror film "Mimic" where actor Norman Reedus played his role here for his first debut film.

#6 Sarcophagus Alien of The Outer Limits (1995 TV series)

He played as the sarcophagus alien in a 1995 TV series The Outer Limits,  a Canadian-American television series that is a revival of the original series aired from 1963-1965.

#7 Ghost of Denial (1998)

He played as the ghost in a 1998 film "Denial", that was released to video under the title "Something About Sex", where the  plot revolved around couples as they struggle with the hardships of maintaining a monogamous relationship.

Note: This photo is from IMDb phone app.

#8 Gentleman Demon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 TV series)

He played as one of the demons from a group known themselves as the Gentlemen in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", an American supernatural drama television series that premiered from 1997.

#9 Pencilhead of Mystery Men (1999)

Mystery Men is a 1999 American superhero comedy film where Doug Jones played his role as a superhero named Pencilhead, who is adept of using pencils as weapons of choice.

#10 Yeti of Monkeybone (2001)

Doug Jones played as as Yeti, an inhabitant of Down Town operating its movie theater that shows nightmares, in a  2001 American black comedy dark fantasy film entitled "Monkeybone", where the film combines live-action with stop-motion animation.


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