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Childish dreams

When I was little, I dreamed of living in New York. That’s a conjuncture dream, of course, because when you think about it, most young people dream of living there. The thought of the freedom to choose one’s own road, regardless of family, friends or jealous ones. The idea of eternal love, success, and divine success we got from movies and postcards has always been in demand.

But on the other hand, I never dreamed of being known, dreaming about recognition.

I was most fascinated by the NYC movies, the bohemian setting, the stylish streets, the casual sexy interiors, and the non-committal life without snobbish nonsenses. 

We grew up, traveled to New York, and realized that not the city, but we are those who create our daily routine.

I don’t need to go to NYC anymore to be free because I’m free. And bohemian New York life I find almost in my backyard! But this does not mean that we cannot try to conquer the world.

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