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There was a special connection between us – from the first date. We read the same books and understood them similarly, loved nature but not cities, valued travel adventures but not the luxury of resorts. And we always talked a lot: at night there were not less words than caresses.

When we started living together, the hot feelings were overwhelmed by everyday life: fatigue at work, problems raising children, the burden of investments into our own business. Sometimes life became so nervous that emotions overcame the mind and an avalanche of reproaches broke out.

And then came the days of silence. I don’t know more painful punishment – for myself and him – for days and nights of silence. Losing the thread that bound us meant losing everything: light, joy, meaning.

And losing the connection is easy.

If you just pull both to own side so that it doesn’t break and so that you feel that you can be heard at the other end – then nothing too wrong. But sometimes we pulled too hard, cut with scissors of sarcasm, and crossed swords of reproaches.

And when usually the mind returned a few days later, when longing and fond memories had prevailed, then we tied up the knots of reconciliation. We have tied up a lot of them. Mistakes of young days…

It is said that the tied rope is even stronger,  that it will no longer break in place of the knot. That’s right: we never get angry about the same things again. And if the rope of our connection doesn’t look perfectly beautiful anymore, we don’t care – it’s much more important that we hear each other again.

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  1. That was what shocked me the most and scared me after my soul mate passed on. We always connected and suddenly there was silence. Then I was very happy when I got connections of another kind an I knew that the ties were not broken at all.

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