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Do you know how you affect others and how you feel about being with others? Have you been that way? Did you feel others’ feelings for yourself? Do you notice when another person is overwhelmed by problems and when they need support?

Did you think that maybe you are a consolation in someone’s story? A convenient way out? Joy? The right option? An unexpected discovery? Tip? A lesson? Punishment? Karmic debt? The gift of heaven? Do you believe your smile illuminated someone today?

The word warmed, comforted, and when uttered recklessly, killed someone’s dream? Would you think that one of your qualities seems extraordinary to another person? Special? Or completely unusual and unacceptable…

I agree, sometimes it’s hard to find time for analysis, reflection, on how much we can mean to those around us. All-time the same excuse  – lack of time. 

We are hypnotized with perfect lives in social spaces, lost in time and space. Increasingly, we value numbers and Like clicks. We look for arguments, approval, and support in the comments. To please, we follow and share quick-to-forget news.

We need certainty. Real people next to us. Real! Imperfect. Those who make mistakes. Others are also looking for the same sincerity, open communication, comfort, or just the ability to listen to.

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