Do You Know Your Enemy?

Be careful who you trust and be careful who you share your yearnings and dreams with, as there are many people out there who are just looking for an excuse to put a damper on your dreams, the ones who want to get one up on you and, of course, some who will string you along and judge you later for what you have managed to achieve.

 One thing is certain, it’s not easy to identify people who are trustworthy, nor has it ever been, remember that great “gift” from Troy, the Trojan horse which was built by Epeius, a master carpenter and pugilist. The Greeks, pretending to desert the war, but sailed to the nearby island of Tenedos, leaving behind Sinon, who persuaded the Trojans that the horse was an offering to Athena (goddess of war) that would instead make Troy impregnable. But of course, the treacherous “gift” to Athena was instead, laden with enemy soldiers who attacked them under cover of darkness. 

We often tend to open up all our ideas and present them in their entirety to the people around us. We might even open up to our parents or siblings and discuss with them our desire to achieve such and such a thing, to undertake such and such a journey, or to take a risk with a relationship …

And in no time at all, skepticism rears its ugly head, in the shape of sarcastic words, and the sarcasm that takes the joy out of your dreams. “Get that idea out of your head, it’s ridiculous,” “I’m telling you this 1u are thinking about may well be beyond your capabilities, be objective and forget that idea “…

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