Listen to Understand ~ Little Things #6

Continuing with my Little Things series.

 Listen to Understand

In order to make life better today, it is usually better to keep your opinions to yourself.  This can be very challenging. We are often asked for our opinion. Even then, I often say no comment. 

Don’t necessarily agree or disagree with another, but listen intently. Listening is so underrated. We all should learn to become good listeners. Those are the ones who helped me get through loss over the years.

When you learn to listen to others, you’ll get to understand their perspectives and thoughts.

Let them talk out. Just like you, they have feelings too. Respect their opinions. Takedown your defenses, It is not about defending yourself or proving your point.

Often no words are necessary. Just listen without judging. 

Allowing others to confide in you or even vent can pave the way for future friendships. 

At the very least, you will gain the trust of another and even an ally when it is most needed. ~John R. Fritts

  • Can you listen without judging? Can be very important.

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by Carol DM


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  1. to listen without judgement is hard. i have mentioned many times the many communication patterns that people have (and the anti-patterns).

    But when listening there are often three different styles and all three impacts differently.

    I am listening but I disagree – i am forming my response as I listen.
    I am listening and I have great ways to fix the problem for you
    I am listening to hear

    i know I personally suffer from the second one at times. (ok often). But I strive for the 3rd!


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