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Hairstyles – my story

As a kid I suppose most had pigtails or plaits as they are called with matching ribbons.  My sister combed my hair and  there were squabbles.  I wanted my hair combed in a particular way even as a 5 year old but she won but I had a frown when I marched to school.

As I grew older there were bob pins on the sides a style that was in vogue during those days.  As a working girl I had more freedom which meant out with plaits but hair done in different styles including a French roll.

I so wanted to cut my hair and that happened after I got married.  It did a lot of convincing and my husband finally gave in. I had shoulder length hair and those days hair spray was very much in use.

Looking at Princess Diana’s hair cut the way it was pleased me.  I went in for that and noticed it suited me. You are right.  I do not have those gorgeous looks!!!    It has been this way for years and it will not change in a hurry.

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Written by grace


    • A time comes in our life when we go for fashions that are easy to maintain. I just had that haircut that you see in the image. I get them home to serve me.

  1. Had no choice as a child, we were forced to have our hair cut short.
    I grew my hair as a teenager and people told me to cut it, which I did and I hated it short.
    So as an adult I had long hair and now I have it shoulder length.

    To be honest hair should match who you are and you should never try to be anyone but yourself and hold your head up high. If you want to look like Princess Diana go for it, but in the end you will always shine by letting yourself shine..