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Hair stylist that painting on people's heads

Artists usually receive accolades for painting and painting on canvas, but have you ever heard of a hairdresser painting on people’s heads? Young hairdresser Traung Zhuan Trimmer from Hanoi, Vietnam, trim people’s heads with help of razor like painting. 

Hair stylists have been in the same profession for 10 years but for the past 5 years they have been experimenting with making various designs on people’s heads. Customers who come to his shop get their hair stylist to design their choice while he charge from 13 to 17 dollars for styling.

A design made by Traung Zhuan lasts 2 to 3 days on the average user’s head, while some users say their design lasts about 10 days. He says that his work and business has become very popular due to social media as pictures of his style have gone viral on social media.

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