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Great Fun ~ Sky Sunday

Sometimes the situation keeps us busy all week, even on Sundays. Luckily I was able to bring and lead my wife and my two daughters to accompany and smile all day long, especially in the heat of Jakarta. Affairs brought us here and there but with jokes and laughter from the family, everything felt fine.

After the afternoon we arrived at home the air became cooler because the clouds and wind collaborated to cheer up the rest of the day, then drizzling rain completed it perfectly. Plants seem happy too.

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  1. On Saturday, I slept a lot because my plane arrived late at night. Sunday was for walking and taking pictures by the sea. People enjoyed themselves differently on a beautiful sunny day. It was a pleasure for me to know that you spent one day joking and laughing with your family.

    • Ah, you must be very tired of that night’s flight, Elenka. Take rest is the best thing for you.

      I am a loner, so if I cannot be with my family I will enjoy solitude, but if there is an opportunity to be with my beloved family, of course, it must be utilized properly, right?

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