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Graveyard Lake ~ Nature Tuesday

About fifty meters on the east side of my father’s tomb, there is a dividing wall. Outside the wall is the end side of the lake in the complex of the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery, Jakarta. That lake is often a place for local residents as a fishing location or just to relax.

Graveyard lake, that’s how people around the cemetery usually call it, is inside the cemetery complex and dominates about fifty percent of the area of the cemetery. If on the west side of the complex facing the Pasar Minggu Street there are dozens of deer, then on the east there is a lake with an area of about four hectares.

It is natural for many people to come to this lake because besides the clean and clear water because it is routinely cleaned, the atmosphere of the cemetery in the morning to evening does look beautiful. There was no sound of the roar of a vehicle engine outside the tomb, which was felt only by the breeze and the swishing of the lake which made it feel comfortable. That said, this place is suitable as a relaxing location, as long as you don’t get too late.

According to the tomb guards, anglers who often visit Lake Makam are local residents. They used to go to the lake at 8:00 p.m. – 21:30 p.m., because more than that hour most of them had not dared because the cemetery was known as haunted.

Indeed, the mystical impression is quite thick when we enter the cemetery and a similar atmosphere also occurs in this lake area, although during the afternoon until the afternoon this funeral complex, the haunted impression is not so strong. Anglers usually also do not carry out their activities for long, sometimes even only the security guards are fishing. If the funeral is deserted, so too, no more people dare to bring their catches home after many strange events in the past because they have brought them back home.

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  1. Felt scared a bit while reading… Then I remembered that I have the examples of the unseen things too. Some of them are pleasant, some not. I understand you when you wrote about inscrutable things… Technology and beliefs exist side by side. That’s our life full with controversial things. And opinions differ too.

    • I know very well that there are people who believe and do not believe in the unseen. I also know that people can have different perceptions of magical things or try to see or analyze them with logic.
      For information, my country is indeed filled with supernatural, occult, inscrutable things, even in the current era of advanced technology, and I am one of those people who explore things supernatural, so assume that I can say whether something such in a certain place, merely an illusion, an expression of someone’s fear or a real phenomenon.

  2. Looks like they picked the perfect place for the cemetery, the lake is so peaceful, and it sounds like it would be a great place to fish with a lot of fish too since some stay away from it. Great story, and picture.

    • Believe it or not, there are many lakes with… well, let’s say a kind of “curse” or a kind of abstinence in my country. People can experience strange pain, possessed, even death if they violate such restrictions.

      My country is indeed filled with supernatural, occult, inscrutable things, even in the current era of advanced technology.

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