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Finishing up projects and PicoC update!

The infamous acoustic tile project is one I wish to say looks good for me. It doesn’t the project has now taken more than two years. Half the ceiling has acoustic tiles, ½ does not have acoustic tiles. Again it is a project I should have just finished. Oh well! Following up on previous tech posts, the first batch of beer is now officially done, decanted and in the mini-keg in the garage refrigerator. The tasting will occur in a few days, Need to get the CO2 cartridges so we can carbonate the beer. I will say it has a delightful amber color! Acoustic tiles are critical when you want to focus on the sound from the speakers. In the cases of the basement media room, I want to focus the sound forward and at the same time block noise from above.

The media room is under the living room and the kitchen. The dishwasher is quiet overall, but still makes noise when you are trying to watch TV in the basement. Noise is important when you are trying to enjoy! In fairness, I also have a record player in the media room. I like to listen to LP’s. There is something about the sound of a record versus and tape of a CD. There is a certain something that you can’t hear with the cassette, CD or streamed music. A record provides a different soundscape for the music! I do have to say that the only piece of recording technology I personally never really utilized other than professionally was a reel to reel tape.

I will be finishing the acoustic tile project this weekend!

Later this month I will update the status of several more reviews and will post a picture of the finished ceiling for the media room.

The next project for my office improvement is the addition of a whiteboard. I am then moving things around, so the office is a bit more organized. I have tubs that I need to both reviews (what is inside) remove (get rid of things I don’t need) and finally add (put in loose things that need to be put away) so that the overall office is cleaner! I also need to finish up the video conference system for the media room, but that won’t happen for a while!

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    • I have a good friend that has three baskets on his desk.

      Stuff I need to do
      Stuff I am way behind on
      Hopeless and probably never going to be done

      He always flips the last one towards him so you can’t see it. When people bring him new projects he has them put in the hopeless bucket!

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