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Finally Seeing Posts Approved!

Yes, I am seeing many new posts today. Could it be that our emails have been heard perhaps? 

No response from many emails. But just now I saw a ton of new posts appear.

If that is the case, thank you to Virily. I certainly hope your posts have been approved.

What a wonderful thing to see, so many new posts! 

Celebration is in order I believe, after 20 something days of waiting.

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  • Can you let me know in the comments if your posts have been approved?

    • Yes


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  1. I sent my first post 22 days ago and it’s still pending, so I don’t have high hopes for the time being. Waiting for a post to be approved here is a true test of patience for a non-verified user, but patience has its limits, so I have made up my mind: If the waiting period reaches 30 days I will give up Virily for good.

  2. Yes, one of mine got posted after 24 days.

    I wrote it not long after that last batch load got done, as a test of how long it would take this time.

    My other post is at 8 days now, so we will see about that one too.

    The oldest ones seem to be being done first.

    • Oh my goodness. I saw your post but wasn’t sure how long you had been waiting. The spam posts could have been deleted and let the members’ posts come through. But, they did not ask me. Just glad to see at least one of yours has come through.

  3. Yes at least 20 days. Ridiculous!! I see you have found mine and read them. Thank you so much! Not sure how much longer I can go with this wait forever to get an article published. Doesn’t give you much momentum to write or stay here.

  4. Just an aside, I used to log on, post, have a cup of coffee, note two or three other articles were posted, post my second, answer an email, log on, two three other articles posted… etc. In this way there wouldn’t be a blob of my articles, but they’d be spaced.

    Just after you posted your article, I was scrolling down to find the last one I had done… so clearly, the backlog is being cleared, so I posted again.


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