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Wishing Everyone A Great Day

With so many things unsettled all over the world lately, just wanted to wish everyone a great day.

There are many missing members I wonder about. I hope we will see more go them eventually.

For the ones here, I hope you and yours are all safe. Don’t forget to tell those around you how much they mean to you. 

Never take anyone or anything for granted. Just felt the need to share these words with you.

Eeyore is my helper today. He says hello to everyone as well.

Photo of Eeyore and his friends. They are enjoying fun in the sun. 🙂

  • Staying safe and well in your world everyone?

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What do you think?

Written by Carol DM


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  1. Hello right back to Eeyore. I am still keeping inside. This is the month of the 3rd year of losing my soul mate. It comes on August 17 however I have not experienced this anxiety bout that I am now having before. I don’t understand why I am having difficulties and so right now I am not a happy camper.

    • I am too inside the majority of time lately. Eeyore makes me smile. The calendar dates are really hard. I have been told not to pay attention to the calendar. I say don’t tell me how to grieve. I am hear any time if you need to message me. We all go through loss differently.


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