Thursday reflections – The law of reflection

Our lives are a reflection of our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions, but not all people see and understand it. Many think life is wrong, chaotic, and people are thrown like unmanageable boats in a swirling river. Someone is succeeding and someone is constantly failing.

But there are also deeper-minded and noticing the law of reflection. These people are perfectly aware that there are no random people, situations, events. The world answers us in our own language.

In others, we love the traits we have and look at things we do not accept with dissatisfaction. The perception of our world depends on how well-developed our minds are. We are attracted to what we have within ourselves. Both positive and negative.

The law of reflection states that each person is the master of his life. This means not blaming everyone around you, but taking responsibility for the situation, events, relationships you are currently in.

Everything you do not like in life gives you the opportunity to grow, move forward, expand your horizons, and get closer to the life you want to live.

When you see what is unacceptable to you in others, look for it in yourself. As you change, you will attract other situations and people.

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