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Heartbreak ~ Haiku Poetry Day 4

LaJenna has started a challenge titled Haiku Poetry 10-day Challenge. I am on Day 4 of the 10-day Challenge. You can click to read her post Haiku Poetry 10-day Challenge for the simple rules. No nominations, anyone can join. Start posting your thoughts.

Now I begin my fourth 5-7-5 syllable haiku. I have so much to learn. Photo courtesy of YourTribute.

Never take one moment for granted in this life. Tell those you love how much they mean to you.. every day.

I felt my heart break

I will never be the same

My new journey starts

What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM

Enjoy nature photography. Amateur self-taught photographer and love every minute of the photos from my yard and Dustin's garden. Sunset views from my deck are very peaceful to watch, capture and share. I have two cats, Brendel and the Dude. I share both special and funny moments I capture of them with you.

Also enjoy seeing and reading your posts from all over the world.

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  1. This is an understanding, a way to accept a pain with sincerity and remember the beauty of memories that can not be forgotten. Indeed, none of the emotional events that can be forgotten so to exemplify it as a beauty is a great way to share with others, so far not being a negative affirmation, it is amazing!

  2. There are no words. This is perhaps the worst thing any human can endure. To expose your hurt so freely indicates a strong desire to incorporate this unspeakable torture and transform it into part of your “new normal”. We do not recover, we simply incorporate, adapt, adjust, evolve and cope. You do honor to Dustin and his memory.

      • Sadly, the last year required my attention to far too many who had lost severely. Among them, an 83 year old friend had lost her 56 year old son, also a friend, and perished then after. Yours is a unique grief and it is not likely his memory will be diminished by time. I feel a fool now, not knowing this of you and SpLaShInG about so insensitively….>-=^;>

        • No no no, don’t ever feel like that. I know I am not alone in my forever nightmare I am enduring, and each day I put one foot in front the other. I am sorry for the losses you have experiences. I also lost my 85 y/o Dad in September. Life throws hard punches but I am learning to fight back!

          • I could not change but, a little more compassion for you humans is warranted. Certainly when life, or it’s counterpart, throws a tsunami on them. My issue. You, my new bobbing buoy, are doing better than enduring, I sense a new found personal power, and am pleased. Indeed, I share with you a fave acronym; Twotwtdfar, (things work out the way they do for a reason), pronounced, tootwitdefar. “We never know, during, its not until later, sometimes many years later or even not at all, we get to solve the puzzles of Whowhat Whenwhere, Whyanhow. Happy New Now!

  3. Your pain came out along with much courage through the Haiku poem.. You are a brave and inspiring women. Very thought provoking and heartfelt! Sometimes it is not all that easy to protray all your thoughts through a Haiku poem, but you just did.

    • Wow, you are the best. I just got chills reading your comment my friend. I struggled as it always seems to be Dustin that I write about. Then I realized that is a good thing. Even after all these years I am still healing. You have helped find a new venue to do that.

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