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Evernote: My favorite note taking app

As I am a forgetful person, I always like to use a tool to help me to remember things. Sometimes I use my notebook and pencil, sometimes I just use a piece of paper, but I always prefer to write down in an app, so I can always retrieve the information later. It’s even nicer when it’s a cross-platform app, so I can access the information using any devices. Nowadays, it seems like this is a necessity, as most of us are accessing information via our computer and mobile phone.

I have been trying different note taking apps, and found Evernote in year 2013. It’s been my favorite note taking app since then. I like that I can use it to bookmark any web pages I like, and the content can also be saved in the app, so we can read it even when the web page no longer exists. I also like the tagging system, so I can tag every piece of information and search the information easily. It’s free to sign up and use, but the limitation is the upload quota is only 60MB monthly. If we only use it for taking notes, we might not exceed the quota; but if we are to save any pictures from websites, then we will easily exceed the quota.

Because of this limitation for basic users, I kept trying other free note taking apps to see if I can use other alternatives instead of Evernote. I tried One Note, but it’s still not really what I want, especially the missing of smart tagging system. There was a 40% discount a few days ago, so I decided to upgrade my Evernote to premium membership. It’s about USD15 for the first year, and the biggest benefit is I will get 10GB monthly upload quota. Hopefully I will earn enough to pay for the next annual membership fee a year later. I also like to add my downloaded ebooks to Evernote as well, so I can search and read them easily within the Evernote app.

Are you using any notetaking apps? Please share your favorite. Thanks!

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    • That’s good! I think you are an organized person. I always like to try out those apps, and sometimes I think I have been spending too much time trying them out. Glad that I have found Evernote, and I think I’ll just stick to it.