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Organizing digital files

When I look at the picture, I get overwhelmed. It’s same as when I look into the digital files in my computer or cloud storage. I always get overwhelmed with my digital files, even though I have always been organizing them. I guess there are simply too many files, and I haven’t make up the habit of organizing them straight when I got them every time. I am also always working on organizing those old files, and I have always discovered better way to organize them.

I have just upgraded my Evernote to premium membership, and I have been organizing my Evernote these few days. I like the way Michael Hyatt is using (with tagging system) and have been following that, but there were still many old notebooks and tags to be cleaned up. I am glad I have finally cleaned them up, and I will need to tackle those “homeless” notes later. I have also figured out the better ways to tag those notes, so I am making change to the old notes too. While working on the notes in Evernote, I am also making changes to the files that sit in my computer, as it will make me easier to deal with them in future.

I plan to use Evernote to help me remember everything (almost), hence hopefully with the effort I am making these few days will help me look for the digital files I need easier in future. I also want to make it easier for me to study those eBooks or online courses I already own.


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  1. While I have no issues with documents what is messed up is my picture folders. They are stored in several places. It will be a herculean task to get them all in one place in categories.