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Ever Wondered Fried Air Served in a Restaurant

You may have heard, read, seen many things regarding food and drinks, But it’s probably something strange that i am going to tell you now.

If there is low quantity of food in packet, then there is a said , “Should we eat air ?” but this sentence has proved true by Italy’s restaurant.

Castelfranco veneto resturant in italy present this unique dish ‘fried air’  to their guest. The restaurant’s head chef Nicola Donato, wanted to present breathing in a this fried air , So he prepared a dish and named it fried air. This dish name is somewhat misleading, but it is the name behind being famous.

Actually it is prepared from a Sabudana. First it is cooked and then it is fried in a amount of oil, however, during cooking it has a high degree of air Or a part of the air is Ozone.

After cooking and frying , Ozone infused for 10 minutes and after that, fried air is placed on a cotton candy which the chef dianto relate it to clouds.

This fried air has become very popular in the online world because it actually costs something expensive. A plate is charged $ 30 in the restaurant, Where  restaurant staff employs says that this dish is offer to welcome the guest.

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