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Enjoy The Morning ~ Nature Tuesday

Walk in the morning to exercise and breathe fresh air while getting sunlight always gives a pleasant feeling. This is indeed not a walk that challenges and gives a great experience like what Kim, Vidocka or Ileana and other friends did but it is still important to make my body move.

Lately, the opportunity to carry out this activity has indeed been somewhat reduced due to conditions and various reasons so if the opportunity is available, even if only for a little while, it is good enough for me. Good because it provides benefits for health, fitness, energy, and enthusiasm as well as often giving lots of ideas and inspiration.

Walk in the open air or especially in a green environment also gives us the opportunity to touch, see, and feel their life and beauty. Sometimes, happiness can be so great if we can see and feel the beauty behind the simplicity of nature, such as insects, flowers, or the touch of the breeze.

  • How often do you enjoy the morning in nature?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you also often get inspiration from nature?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Completely agree with you. I spend a lot of time in my backyard and am surrounded with nature. It is very therapeutic as you know. When my knees heal, from a recent injury, I hope to start walking more again.

  2. A walk in the woods. Return me to what was my home. Not, to the primordial sea that resides within me but the forest and trees where humans first walked. Throwing rocks into the pristine pond. Watching the ripples flow outward to the shore. Stopping, holding our breath to watch a fox as it moved its kids along the trail.

    Nature is a respite from the world around us.

  3. I don’t enjoy going out as much and when I do it’s usually malls and not nature … :/
    even though I do know how important connecting with nature is …
    nature is the best “negative ion removal” so they say

  4. I enjoy mornings when I can. Unfortunately I am a night person probably because of my 21 years as a nurse where I worked full time evenings and nights (12 hour nights on top of this). Even though I left nursing in 1996 I cannot seem to shake off my night tendency. Oh well as long as I can see and walk outside I am happy. BTW beautiful picture of a beautiful bloom….

    • Well, that is our similarity, dear friend. I am a night person too… and that is what I only sleep about 3 hours a day, sleep late and wake up early or go to sleep after taking a walk if there is nothing important in the office.
      Thanks for the compliment dear friend.

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