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Election day in Spain (again)

Spain is to live its fourth election in four years, the second of this 2019 this Sunday. There is a plethora of political parties, consequently, forming a lasting government is a gruelling task.

One of the corollaries of the global economic crisis of 2018 is the apparition of new political parties, hence reaching agreements is nearly impossible. Indeed, experts assure us the resulting government could not govern 4 years given the division we are experiencing and the dissimilar parties we have.

Voting is not compulsory in Spain something that it is in some countries I have heard. In my opinion, it would be great to make voting compulsory as it will increase participation. What is more, a 20 euros fine could be imposed for those who do not want to vote. As a result, more votes will be registered and a new income could be obtained. What do you think????

  • Do you think it is a good idea to make voting compulsory and imposing a 20 euros fine to those who do not want to vote???

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What do you think?

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        • Every country has problems. I am watching the impeachment hearings in the United States for instance. In Europe, there are a lot of small political parties that are very nationalistic and populist and nobody knows what to do, look what has happened with Brexit and United Kingdom. This December a new government should be formed in Spain. The key of this government is in the hands of Esquerra Republicana of Catalonia. They have already started talking with the party of the Prime Minister, the new government should solve the problems of Spain as every government tries. But I do not really know what you have heard about Spain.

  1. There were many parties in my country too since the reformation in 1998. Many new parties and many parties have died. Elections are a political right so in our country it is also not an obligation but a campaign to participate is encouraged. According to data from the General Election Commission (KPU), abstentions were 23.30% in the 2004 presidential election, 27.45% in 2009, and 30.42% in 2014 while abstention data in the 2019 presidential election reached 19.24%. A significant decrease.

  2. It is interesting when you consider elections. We have the technology now, to actually allow people to cast a vote, and have it counted.

    But we relish the old systems that take time.

    Elections are something I dread personally. Because we are wasting time, productivity and in the end it may not matter anyway.

    Plus the ads on TV are horrible.

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