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Do you love or hate yourself? – one truth


Something very nasty made me write this post. I work with a lady. She has two daughters. One lives here in Spain and the other in Venutsuella. Those who do not live here in Spain come to visit their mother for about a month and a half. I was uncomfortably surprised that she hated her sister and there was a lot of malice there. She does not want to meet her sister. I had a sister who had been crushed by a treacherous cancer. You have gone from this world young. There was love and understanding between us, so these relationships for me are strange and I do not understand them. I wonder, “Why do people quarrel and hate for money and property?”

I liked the final of a poem by Tatiana Dimitrova – Sister and I share it with you.

And here, in the final I turn

to my beloved sister,

hot, I hug her warmly

and I say to her these words:

“If I ever have something I can

without wanting to hurt you

or bad was I-

I want you forgive now!

On rules I do not slave,

she’s the truth is just one-

while I am in this world,

you will never be alone !!! “

The photo is personally my two sisters.

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  1. Do I love or hate myself?

    I think the answer to that question is more complex than which it is at first realised.

    We have many parts of our self, and some parts hate other parts.

    Like, for example, your mind might hate your body, your body might hate your mind, but in the end, this elemental force known as hate is a mere reputational force, because it is based on the wrong premises that your body must match its mind’s idea of it, and vice versa.

    It does not represent the real truth, which is that our soul controls all of these things, via God’s help and input too, and so we are given a body, mind, and heart to match the life and goals and mission and coming purposes of our life in this body, mind, and heart self, which includes our emotional self too.

    I do not necessarily love my mind, or my body then, but I do love my higher self, or soul, and this love filters through to my other selves (i.e. my mind, body, and heart selves) then too. It allows me to love the mind and body that I have without wishing that I had better ones.

    • I am glad that you are the same as me. No one has taken the money and the skill with him in the other world. Everything stays here on the ground. But some turn that into hate, which is disgusting and fatal at times.

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