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Some say that girls and boys are born the same, only upbringing by parents make them men or women.

I am often at the beach and see many people there. Men and women. And I don’t know what taught us how to admire the world differently: when men come to the ocean, they look at crashing waves, rocks, and surfers, while women discover small shells and shiny pebbles.And I love our differences so much!

Although myself, I look at the waves first and then go to search for shells and amber pieces. 

Maybe that is a result of evolution? Men had to notice on the horizon animals for hunt or dangers, while women’s attention was focused on details – scrap, house, etc. The man notices that the bull is running in the distance, the woman notices that the child is ill. It is made for us to survive. Of course, we are far from prehistoric life, men can do women’s works and women can hunt, but some instincts survived and come to us without knowing why.

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