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You know, once the grandkids get on a subject they can’t quite move on, so you know we are still learning about animals their poop. In fact, I believe we all might be experts by the time they are done learning, talking and sharing all the great things they have learned about poop. (Please pay attention because I am certain someday there will be a giant quiz!)

I have to tell you they were pretty excited about the Parrot Fish.  Their parents had recently gone to Hawaii and the kids didn’t get to go. They were thrilled to tell them that Parrot Fish poop sand and the sandy beaches their parents were on were poop. Of course their parents looked it up and weren’t real pleased. The rest of us thought is was fabulous. 

Architects have to worry about pigeon poop. Who knew? (Maybe everyone but me!) Apparently when designing buildings where pidgeon are about they have to take the weight of the droppings into consideration to make the building strong enough to withstand the weight.

The saga continues.  

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