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Deck Snow Falling ~ Themes by the Month

A couple of years ago we got snow. Doesn’t happen often but it was pretty to see. The red cardinals are my favorite thing to see in the snow.

Captured this photo from my deck. Sharing with Kim’s Themes by the Month challenge.

If you look closely you can see the snow falling. It is pretty to witness from the inside. But it makes the roads very dangerous. Luckily we rarely get much snow at all. For those of you that do, please be safe on the roads.

Today we had about ten minutes of sleet, which is freezing rain. But it is gone for now. Seems like the winter weather is slowly approaching.

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Well, if the weather presenter on TV says, “Isolated Showers!” it is an indication she or he does not know.
    As you know I have not experienced snow, but I do remember the icy blast from Mt Taranaki near a snow line and that wind was strong. The cold wind was like knives…

    However, without the snow, you can still die from hypothermia in New Zealand in any of our bush …summer or winter.

  2. I don’t like winter or snow …. I just want it for Christmas I just don’t know if my wishes will be answered …. after Christmas and New Year I really don’t need it … I much prefer the heat


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