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Dandelion flower

The regular dandelion is a widely spread healing herbaceous perennial from the genus of regatta, which grows along the meadows and along the paths along moderately warm regions of the northern hemisphere. The first floor leaves start in the early spring. Strongly twisted leaves form a leafy flower. The simple hollow stem has a circular shape in cross-section, with only one flower petal with yellow flowers. The flowering period is usually the second half of April and the beginning of May, and due to the warmer spring, it will sometimes take off at the end of March. The flower garden is transformed into a typical recurrent light that is made up of numerous seeds. Seeds are light, so the wind can blow them up, which is a very fast way of reproduction. In all parts of the plant is a sticky edible milk juice with healing effects, and the most useful is the root. Fresh dandelion is used as a salad that strengthens the body, facilitates metabolism and helps to cleanse blood. Also known is regrat syrup. Dandelion has no distinctive odor and is bitter taste.

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  1. I am really sorry I missed this – great picture!

    I have a friend in Mississippi that makes Dandelion wine (his yard used to be full of them, now he has to go buy them, he picked all of the flowers and now the yard is grass)!

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