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It always amuses me to see crows in groups. It’s as if they are having a conference , planing strategies and devising plans. They caw so much and argue over everything before they decide to go their own separate ways.

However, I rarely see crows these days, let alone seeing them in huge numbers. Our bird population is reducing alarmingly, however the pigeon population is increasing with so many tall structures all around. I wonder where the crows have gone, perhaps it is a good sign that their is no garbage strewn around anymore, because these are scavenger birds.

These are smart and cunning birds. I have seen them using tools to get food from cans or coconut shells etc.  They can be viscous too, they attack you if you peek into their nests. My cousin was pecked so hard on her head that she had to have it sutured. Yes, she was nosy looking at their blue tinged shiny eggs. I never though I will miss crows but I do miss them.

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  1. I know where they are… Right up in this old Sycamore Tree outside my door at 6 am on the dot each morning and 8 pm each evening. We have one of the biggest murders you will see ever. When they fly over it takes about an hour from the first to the last, and they fill the sky. I love watching them, and my friend even adopted one that could no longer fly. He learned to talk like a parrot. He was the coolest bird.

  2. Never knew that the presence of pigeons would drive crows away. But crows are also notorious for chasing small birds away. Nature has its own way of creating balance in the new world dominated by us, the human beings.

    • I am not sure that the presence of pigeons cause crows to move away, but since the crows have gone and high rise building have filled the scenery the pigeons have increased.
      I agree that crows drive away smaller birds as do pigeons.

  3. There is a lot of crows (too much) in our country, my friend … they are very disturbing and they have run off all other birds … but they are really very smart … I do not like them personally


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