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Crazy Colors Pastel ~ How to choose a pillow?

This is a continuation of Kim’s challenge. I hope the color meets the challenge. Virily will be painted in pastel colors.

I don’t have as good ideas as Elena, but today my pillow fell into my eyes. It’s funny, I use it every day and I didn’t remember being able to use it for the challenge.

Buying a new pillow can be a very stressful task. We are certainly aware of the importance of a pillow for the quality of your sleep. And good sleep is important to our health and the quality of our lives.

Before we blindly decide on the most advertised or the most expensive pillow, let’s take some time and observe our sleeping habits.

If you usually sleep on your belly, we choose a thinner and softer pillow. If we prefer to sleep on our backs, we need a medium-high pillow of medium hardness. However, if we prefer to dive on the side to sleep, we need a slightly taller and stiffer pillow that will support our head well during sleep. If you frequently change positions during sleep, it is best to choose a soft mid-height pillow that will give you good support in all positions.

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