Cannabis plant can also be effective against corona virus, research says

A recent study in Canada found that the cannabis plant contains substances that prevent the “corona virus” from entering the cells, which is the cause of the recent global epidemic. cannabis can be an important tool in preventing the spread of the virus.

During the study, 23 substances were isolated in pure form from cannabis sativa, a type of cannabis, which was tested in artificial human models (ie, living human cells) that were found in the throat, mouth and intestinal tissues.Thirteen of these substances inhibited the formation of special proteins (S2 receptors) found in the cells of the mouth, throat and intestines, which “facilitate” the entry into the cells of dozens of other viruses besides the corona virus.

Past investigations have shown that inflammation and the use of cannabis interferes with the gene expression of cancer genes.This research can be considered as the next step in the same sequence. Despite this significant success, experts say that these substances should not be used as a treatment until their effects are fully known after further research.

  • Will this research be proved a ray to cure Covid-19 ?

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